Monday, November 3, 2008

Baby Stuff

For me, one of the most stressful things about parenting is the plethora of baby stuff out there. As a second time parent, I should be used to seeing all the Must-Have's, the Baby Necessities, and the You-Are-A-Terrible-Parent-If -You-Don't-Buy-Your-Kid-This-Right-NOW's.

But I'm not used to it. And while I have my go-to baby stuff, I sometimes wonder if I'm missing out on something. Ex: The Bumbo. It wasn't around for Big Sis, and seems like it would have a limited amount of usefulness. Well, I did buy one (secondhand), and I really do use it. No, I won't use it until he's 5, but I dare you to name a 'baby' item that you WILL use until your kid is 5. If I get a solid 12 months of use out of a baby item, I call it worthwhile. And the fact that I have a few things I've held on to, and used for both kids - bonus. I'm not sure the Aquarium bouncer will survive a 3rd baby, but we've definitely gotten our money's worth out of it.

The latest item I am puzzling over is the Sleep Sack. It seems like a good idea: Keep your baby warm without having to worry that they'll smother themselves in the quilt you spent 2 months making by hand. But it also seems like one of those things that a baby would either love or hate. And I have a sneaking suspicion mine would hate it. Something about being confined in a warm, fuzzy sleeping bag just doesn't jibe with his desire to kick his feet up in the middle of the night and grasp the edge of his crib with his toes. And the second he figures out how to wiggle up onto his knees? It's ALL over.


Ted and Hilery said...

I have 4 sleep sacks that have sleeves. I put Aron in one every night to keep him warm. I used one for Nora as well and it seemed to work well. I did not pay $20.00 for them though, which I know the ones at Baby R Us cost. I got them second hand for a few dollars a piece.

Suzie Bean said...

I had a couple of sleep sacks too, but never used them. I would let you have them, but they are pink...don't know if you want your boy in pink!?
I agree on the Bratz dolls, Megan was given one once and it was not a good doll to have around so when she wasn't looking it "disappeared"!
I hope you are completely better know!!!