Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Free to Explore

Yesterday we did something impulsive, rash, and frivolous.

We got passports.

For the whole family.

Big Daddy and I have been talking about it for a while. His was about to expire, and we discovered that mine had expired, but was still barely within the time to renew without having to start from scratch. That, coupled with a soon-to-be proximity to our neighbors in the Great White North, pushed us to Just Do It.

So we filled out all the forms online, rustled up the required documents, had two sets of pictures taken, and wrote out a half-dozen checks.

In about 3 weeks we should have our passports back, and we'll be ready for travel!

We didn't HAVE to get them just because we'll be 20 miles from the Canadian border. We could have secured passport cards and called it good. But we like to be prepared. And coupled with Big Daddy's rather rash pronouncement that should I keep my job for another 2 years, we WILL go on a fabulous foreign trip after graduation - well, what can a girl do? The siren song of Europe is playing, and I rather enjoy considering the possibility that 2 years from now we could be basking in the glow of the Sistine Chapel and filling our bellies with all the gelato we care to eat. Have you had pizza in Italy? It is an unparalleled gastronomic experience.

The Amalfi Coast. Can't you smell the briny sea?


Rosie said...

Oh, I feel the tug. We didn't get the post grad trip, I'm hopin' for the post res. trip. A girl can dream. And plan.

Ben, Rebecca, Natali, & Isaac said...

(If I had money) I would pay good money right now to smell wonderful, salty, non-polluted sea water right this moment. Basking in the sun, sipping a perfectly chilled Diet Coke (with a wedge of lemon), no worries on the mind, big trendy sunglasses on...oh (deep sigh)! Now my imagination is runnin' wild!

Chrissy Jo said...

Oh how fabulous! What a wonderful thing to dream about and plan for in the future. I lived in Italy for two years when I was much too young to appreciate it for all it's beauty. I dream of going back someday in the Fall, when it's not tourist season. I've done Prague in the heat of August, and though it was wonderful, I think my next trip will be set for September or October... whenever that next trip may be... Oh thanks for giving me happy thoughts. :-)