Monday, April 20, 2009

It's Working

The formula filled with diamond dust and starlight is working!

Big J gained 1 lb. in two weeks. That's 5% of his body weight.

He's also crawling all over the place, sitting himself up, and responding more frequently to basic baby signing (eat, more, all done; no worries, we use these not because he can't verbalize but because it helps him express himself without words).

While I am stoked that he's responding to the million-dollar milk replacement, I am now filled with guilt that I've been depriving his tiny body for the last 6 months. Should I have been feeding him milkshakes and moon pies all along?


Chrissy Jo said...

Oh, my dear Amy. How were you to ever know that he needed fairy dust and diamond flecked formula? You did what any other mom would have done. I'm so glad he's doing better and YEA for the crawling around! Before you know it he'll be running and climbing!

Robyn said...

Wahoo!! Oh, and I have an embarassing confession. I noticed your haircut last week and still have not said anything. I promise it's not that I didn't like it. It's because I'm always talking a million miles a minute.
What can I say... you look hot!

Rosie said...

I, too, noticed your haircut and LOVED it, but I have been focused on chocolate chip cookies every time we talk, or decorating, or complaining. And hooray for big J.

Why didn't we become friends years ago? I feel so deprived.