Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I realize vaccinations are another controversial subject to navigate amongst the jungles of parenthood, so it's not something I discuss often. We've always been pro-immunizations in our home (even prior to med school). I think Dooce nailed my personal stance on vaccinations.

This is my favorite paragraph:

"That our children do not have to fear death from diseases like measles or polio or whooping cough is a miracle made possible by modern technology and science. And I guess the crux of this really complex problem for me is that as the number of parents who choose not to vaccinate their children increases so does the likelihood that these diseases will become a problem again. If you've decided that the risks are too great to vaccinate your child then you are counting on the rest of us who are willing to take those risks to decrease the chances that your child will be exposed to these diseases. You are counting on us. Maybe what I don't understand (in reference to my statement in the video) is the act of and willingness to give up that control. The choice to refuse vaccinations just seems to me to be a first world luxury."

Thank you, Heather B. Armstrong.

I realize that there are many who have joined the "Autism is caused by vaccinations" camp. And while I can certainly understand the need to vilify something in response to the very bewildering and saddening disease of Autism, the bottom line is that the science doesn't support the theory.

Just my two cents on this sunny Wednesday afternoon.


sarita said...

I could not agree with you or Dooce more. I love how both of you were able to write your opinions without passing judgments. I, too, have stood in the background on this argument for fear of offending or alienating others even though I have very strong opinions about it.

My heart goes out to those families suffering from the misunderstood illness of autism. Hopefully some light can be shed on it's causes and a cure soon.

Rosie said...

I'm grinning a huge silly grin at the thought of you making those cookies. I adore browned butter, don't you?

Chrissy Jo said...

I'm with you on this one, Amy. I'm such a control freak as it is, why would I want to give that kind of control over to the masses.

Autism is hard and misunderstood by many, but I'm with you on the "science just doesn't back it up" bit.

Robyn said...

Great points, I agree.

Hey, I need the cookie recipe!!

The Robinson Bunch said...

well, I couldnt disagree with you more, my son does suffer from autism and i have taken a big stance on cutting down the number of vaccines we give to our children. I mean 26 (recommended)vaccines they get in the first year is just rediculous I think I'm with Jenny Mccarthy in that we need to go back to the 1989 scheduele of vaccinations which is 10 instead of the 36+ vaccines our children will receive by the time they are 10. I do believe that the vaccines didnt cause my sons autism but they just made it worse....they need to green our vaccines.

That's Ms. Amy to You... said...

Tiffany, thanks for taking the time to comment. I'm always looking to continue to educate myself on this subject. If you have a source you can point me to in support of your theory of vaccines worsening your son's condition, I'd appreciate the chance to learn more. I personally think that as with much of parenting, this is an area where each family needs to make their own decision on what works best for them.

That's Ms. Amy to You... said...
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The Robinson Bunch said...

Hi amy,
you can go to this website to learn the theory I truly believe in. I think that we have way too many vaccines. 17 other countries go by the 1989 vaccine scheduele and they too cant figure out what boosted the 10 vaccines to 26 from 1989-1990 i mean did we have a boost in measles, or polio or what?! thats why I question this, also it doesnt help that one of pediatricians who owns the patent to the Rhoto-virus vaccine is on the board of the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) its just a little odd. anywho thanks for posting my comment on here and responding to my response. I know some may think that I jumped on the band wagon since my sons diagnosis, but I have question the vaccine theory since his first round of shots. its been hard. and I continue to research and study and talk with other dr's and pediatric specialists about this touchy subject and I think I will continue to get mixed advice and feelings on the matter I only know that my sons body reacted poorly to the shots everytime he got them. anywho I do agree with you, that it is a parenting choice I just wanted to state my feelings. Thanks.