Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Partial Big J Update

Although we have yet to return to the doctor to verify Big J's progress, I think I can say that ounces are being gained.

His 6-12 month pants seem uncomfortably snug in the waist.

His twiggy arms are pudging out.

And he was BURSTING out of his PJ's tonight. Seriously, one of the snaps would not stay closed around his fleshy little thigh.

It's nice to know that a super-charged formula made with gold dust and angel tears actually works. I don't think those are on the official ingredient list, but that MUST be what's in there for what they are charging per case.

It's been worth every penny.


Ashley said...

Oh that McMuffin DOES sound good ;). I had to leave work last week to go and grab one, with hashbrowns and an OJ. I was craving it THAT much. And suddenly my yogurt doesn't sound as good... I like your taste ;).

But more importantly, I'm SO glad Big J is gaining!! What a relief!

Kelly said...

That is such great news. Keep it up Big J.