Friday, March 5, 2010

Fab Friday: March 5th

Yet another birthday rolls around next weekend, and I am trying, trying, trying to be prepared. No last minute cake making, no frantic gift buying the day before, no late night wrapping parties (for one).

As such, I have been trolling for unique gifts for my boy's boy, spending much time hopping between eBay and etsy. My search for trains, planes, and automobiles in many shapes & forms led me to Happy Family and their FAB tshirts.

First sign of awesomeness: Sheldon from Big Bang Theory has worn their dino t shirt several times. Second sign: their selection! Extensive, varied, creative. Third sign: A high rating with many, many happy customers.

(Images taken from Happy Family shop page. Sorry, but you're awesome!)

I jumped right in and ordered a Robot t, which will go perfectly with his robot moves (he stands still and holds his arms rail straight, then moves them up and down in front of him). And, in a nod to my sweet Hub, I also ordered a Skeleton Diagram t. PLUS - I got a free pirate ship tote bag! What little boy wouldn't want Mama to tote his library books in a bag with a pirate ship on it??

I had a little hiccup in the ordering process, but the owner was responsive, all was smoothed out & my package arrived yesterday. I can't wait for Big J to open these up on his birthday. I hope he's as excited as I am!

Happy Friday!

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