Tuesday, March 16, 2010

No Doubt

Whilst enjoying my morning beverage and perusing the interwebs, I glanced about my living space, delighting in the golden rays of sunshine bathing my winter-weary walls. Then my wandering eye happened upon this:

At which point my brain suffered a mild explosion which resulted in the following:

That last bit is my frontal cortex being drained of all coherent thought for 10-20 seconds while I waited for one of Aragog's offspring to crawl out and hunt down my children for a tasty snack. When I revived myself I decided that mayhaps the delightful Spring weather is signaling me that now is the time to do a little deep cleaning.


Ashley said...

Oh how I love spring and HATE hate HATE the rebirth of nasty bugs - and I had spiders. Yuck!! Yea for spring cleaning! ;)

Kelly said...

I've been feeling the same way. But I doubt I will feel motivated enough to do the real deep cleaning until the sun starts shining a little more consisitantly.