Thursday, March 25, 2010

Life Gets in the Way

Once again, I am on the Activities Committee. I rather like this calling, as I enjoy organizing social events and executing them well. I've learned that it's best to create a solid plan, don't be afraid to ask for - and give - lots of help, and prep-prep-prep in advance.

This week I got together to stuff Easter eggs with a few of the ladies. 2 hours and 600 eggs later we were done, and the question of cookies arose. One person stated she would make hers on Friday night so they would be fresh. I announced that I was done, and that mine were residing in the freezer. I received this in response:

"Ugh, I don't freeze my cookies. Don't you want them to be FRESH for the kids?"

Ummmm... well, sure. I love fresh cookies.

But here's the thing:

First, we're each making 6 dozen. That's not an insignificant amount, and it takes a good chunk of time to get it done. I had the time & the cookie dough, so I got it done.

Second, I didn't bake them 3 months ago. It's only been a few days, and they are properly sealed in the appropriate freezer-safe packaging.

Finally, THEY ARE KIDS. I have no illusions that I could have gone to the dollar store and bought pre-made sugar cookies that are 9 months past their expiration date and those bottomless pits with pigtails & polos wouldn't know the difference.

My point - and I do have one - is that despite feeling a little shamed by the fact that my cookies will clearly be inferior to all others, I still stand firm in my belief that the more you get done in advance, the better things seem to work out.

Because sometimes this happens:

Believe me, the last thing I feel like doing today is trying to roll, cut, and bake 6 dozen cookies in the aftermath of 8 hours of nighttime vomiting by both kiddos. Instead, I think we're going to watch a movie & take a well-deserved nap.

Post-script: Ms. Cookie Snob ended up buying her cookies. HA!


sarita said...

Don't let the cookie Nazi boss you around! I'd take freezer cookies you've made over just about any fresh ones--and by the way, my mom froze cookies for my wedding (yes, the most important day of my life) and no one knew the difference--seriously, people raved about them.

And I'm sorry your kids are sick!

Ben, Rebecca, Natali, & Isaac said...

I agree with Sara...freeze away! I feel the same way that the more that gets done ahead the better. I bet the cookies will taste DIVINE!

Chrissy Jo said...

I always freeze half a batch so I don't eat them all at the same time and they don't go hard and I think they always taste fine. My mom did the same thing when I was growing up and everyone I knew though my mom's cookies were the best around.

I also have to admit a partially frozen chocolate chip cookie is one of my favorite treats in the entire world.... and now my pregnant self must go make cookies.

Kelly said...

I hope the kiddos feel better soon! I agree with those wise women above. I freeze them all the time. In fact I even have a couple recipes that taste better after they've been frozen.

Ashley said...

Amen & Ditto to everything everyone else has said. Way to be on top of it and save yourself the unneccesary stress - especially for kids who, you're right, won't know the difference. Homemade cookies of ANY kind are better than store purchased. RIGHT? Right.