Thursday, February 19, 2009

Did I Mention That I Hate Moving?

Hate is a strong word, and should be reserved for moments utterly lacking in brevity or joy.

I find it to be the ideal word to describe my feeling about the process of moving.

I am excited to BE moving to Michigan, but I loathe/ dread/ hate the process OF moving.

I hate having to figure out where to live. And now that hate is doubled because I have to find a place to live that is also within what I deem to be an acceptable school district. Perhaps I should explore home schooling.....

I hate trying to find a dwelling that is reasonably priced for starving students, isn't 40 miles from where Big Daddy needs to be, has enough space for 4 people, a little storage (yes, we have a lot of crap), and washer dryer hook-ups. Who knew it would be such a complication to be renters who have their own W/D?

I hate getting used to the local grocery stores. A week or so after moving to Des Moines, I nearly had a breakdown in Hy-Vee because I couldn't find the breadcrumbs. Who puts breadcrumbs with the bread, for Pete's sake??

I hate that it usually takes 2 weeks to get our internet/ cable set up because the installer doesn't show up the first time, or the second time, then pops in at 3:59 when I just left to go to the post office - having waited around for 99.99% of the 9am-4pm window of availability.

I hate getting used to a new ward. All wards are not alike, and it takes 3-4 months for us (me) to feel comfortable with the people, the building, the activities, etc.

And finally.... I hate packing! While I am fully aware that this is mostly due to the amount of STUFF we have, this doesn't lessen my lack of joy at packing it all up. We've decluttered, we've trashed, we've condensed. And there's still a lot 'o stuff.

I'm going to keep looking for apartments online for a few more minutes, then go eat something comforting. This is a depressing task.


Ben, Rebecca, Natali, & Isaac said...

Oh I very much agree. No matter how much I try to "de-junk" there is still a lot "stuff". Moving in my book is the worst, just the absolute pits. The whole process just fry's my nerves. The best of luck with all of it.

Chrissy Jo said...

Oh, Amy, I too loathe moving. This last move I felt VERY overwhelmed. And it's true that getting to know the area, the ward, the internet guy... all took way more time than I wanted it to. I hope you find a place to live soon, giving you one daunting task complete. Oh, and I have The Last Lecture. Would you like to borrow it?