Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Testing, Testing....

Our bread machine is on it's last leg.

I made lasagna for Saturday's dinner guests, and what goes better with lasagna than fresh bread? Being sans-Breadman, I made homemade/ handmade bread for the first time.

It was so well received that I invested in new (mini) bread pans today.
Mini because we are working on portion control.
These were the inaugural loaves.
Note to self: split dough between 3 pans next time, not 2.

Do you see?
See how they just slid right out of the pans, honey?
THAT'S why you pay the money for quality bakeware.

My house smells delicious right now.
Is there anything better than warm, homemade bread on a cold winter's night?
Someone please pass the butter.
Excuse me, I have to go put on my eatin' pants.


Chrissy Jo said...

When I was in Junior High and High school my mom made all our bread... the smell of warm fresh baked bread it totally a comfort smell for me. Your bread looks delicious! What kind of pans did you buy?

That's Ms. Amy to you... said...

I bought the Williams-Sonoma Nonstick Goldtouch Mini-Loaf Pans. Awesome!!

Rosie said...

I have homemade strawberry jam. I'll be right over.