Monday, February 16, 2009

Month 11

What? 11 months? Where has the time gone, my little monkey?

Your joyous spirit brings a light to our family. Your smile, your laugh, your sparkling, snapping blue eyes. How ever did we live without you?

Food: You are an awesome eater! Potatoes, eggs, cheese, turkey, ham, rice, grapes, bananas, waffles, bread, tomatoes - you chow it all with enthusiasm.

Drink: While you still enjoy your bottle, you've also mastered the sippy cup and drinking through a straw. So multi-talented!

Work: No crawling yet, but you are a wiggler. You roll like a tidal wave, and have the reach of a pro basketball player. You can also chuck toys like a mini Cal Ripken. Now if we could get you standing up, I know you'd Bend It Like Beckham.

Play: Monkey-boo (with paci) is your beloved buddy, and if I let you, you'd take him everywhere. Instead I substitute a spoon, a zebra, a fireman, KungFu Panda, or anything within a 12 inch reach. You love to be tickled and thrown in the air. And of course, chewing on Big Daddy's watch is serious business.

Sleep: 12 hours is your norm, with very few exceptions. You often occupy your morning wake-time with enthusiastic conversations in your crib.

It's time for me to start prepping for your 1st birthday. I love you my sweet boy!

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