Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Feb 25th

Some weeks it seems that there is little to report. Not that things are bad, or so awesome that I don't have the time to squeeze in a post. Things are just good this week. In a sort of ordinary, getting-stuff-done, really-enjoying-my-family-this-week sort of way.

On Monday, Big Sis let me give her bangs. I was hankering for a haircut of my own, but have a few more weeks to go. On a whim, I suggested we give her a little fringe, and she was excited about it! Not one to waste an opportunity, I went for it. It's taken a few days to get used to the new look, but I think she's adorable.

We've had fantastic sunshine and warmer temperatures this week. On Tuesday we opened all the windows, flung open the front door, and enjoyed some play time on the porch. Bubble blowing was the activity of the day.

I also went to dinner with girlfriends last night. I can't even remember the last time I had good food & good female conversation. The best adjective to describe the night was refreshing, because I came away feeling renewed.

Today I finished the last item on my must-do list (it was a short list), and am really excited that the week is more than half over. Friday is Date Night (barring another snow storm), and we are getting closer to Spring Break, Michigan, and some family away time. Can't wait.

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