Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine's Day Madness

I've been bitten by the crafty bug this month.

For Big Sis' Valentine's Day extravaganza at preschool, I leaned on our dear friend MS, and made these:

They are lollipop flowers made with cardstock, glue, and lollipops. I added the leaves, and decided to stamp them (just for fun). I was surprised at how excited I was about the stamping part. I've never had ANY interest in stamping or scrapbooking (or Stampin'!/ Scrappin'!) - just not my cup of tea. But now that I know you can add glitter to your stamping, I may be ready to warm up the teakettle.

I also made these little beauties: My first foray into the exotic world of truffle-making!

Simple to make, but also time-consuming. The key is to keep your hands cold while rolling them. Good lesson learned, but also a very tasty outcome from my first try. These are a mix of semi-sweet and dark chocolates, rolled in cocoa powder. I'd love to try adding a flavor, but all the recipes I saw suggested Grand Marnier or Framboise liqueur, and while I don't think a tablespoon of liqueur is going to make anyone freak out over the WoW, I also didn't want to offend any of my friends. For now I'll just experiment with a few different types of chocolate and maybe see if I can find some high-quality extracts at Williams-Sonoma or Whole Foods. btw - I've been saving those cute little boxes since I found them on sale last Fall for $2 at Michael's. They are perfect for truffles!

This is My Funny Valentine. Ain't he a cutie??


Chrissy Jo said...

Look at you go! I love those little flowers! What a cute idea... and what a cute little boy. He's getting so much hair! Adorable.

Rosie said...

I would get drunk on your chocolate any day. Those things were worth it. I was so honored to receive them, I don't think I expressed my gratitude well enough the other day. Really, I devoured them. I would like to request the birthday cake and the truffles all in one night, please. Then I could roll over an die happy.

That's Ms. Amy to you... said...

Tell me your birthday & I will make both for you - even if I have to ship them from Michigan!