Friday, March 6, 2009

Adventures in Cooking

This week Big Sis' preschool class focused on rhyming words.

For sharing time, she brought a PLANE and a TRAIN.

And who is the king of rhyming words?

Dr. Seuss, of course.

On Wednesday, her teacher made Green Eggs & Ham for snack time. Big Sis could not stop talking about it.

She assured me she knew how to do it herself, and could not wait to fix me a big plate of green eggs & ham for my breakfast the next day.

The next morning, we woke at the usual time, and after a bit, I prepared to exercise. Big Sis frantically asked me if I wanted my breakfast before I left. I assured her I needed to wait (stomach rolling at the thought of a plate of green eggs).

Post-workout, she could hardly contain herself - pulling out the carton of eggs & assuring me she knew exactly what to do. With a pit in my stomach, I heated up the frying pan, and watched her crack an egg. A drop of blue food coloring later, a whipped greenish mass stared at me from the bottom of her mixing bowl. I dumped it into the pan, and we watched it cook.

I tried to back out - frantically thinking of an excuse, any excuse, to avoid eating what was on that plate. Finally, Big Daddy chimes in with "I think Mama missed the point of that story....".

I sighed, took a breath, and ate my green eggs & ham. As long as I didn't look at what I was eating, I was OK.

I have a feeling this will not be the last time I have to do this.


Sally said...

Oh my goodness...I have not had to do that one yet! What a cute story. Thanks for sharing. Bid Sis looks adorable with her new bangs. I am ready to be a copy cat with the new pic you have on your title block. I love it! Hugs and Kisses from Oregon.

Robyn said...

You're awesome. I'm shocked that the kids would eat it. What a fun teacher!

Ashley said...

Seriously so cute with how excited Bis Sis was to make that for you, and soo funny how not excited you were to eat it - I would've closed my eyes too! Somehow green eggs just don't seem as appetizing, but maybe I'm just not as open-minded as little kids are anymore ;)

Ashley said...

Bytheway Amy, how are moving plans coming along? Have you found an apt yet? Schools for Big Sis? Moving is stressful for sure, but exciting at all the possibilities! I hope everything is going smoothly so far!