Saturday, March 14, 2009

Party Prep

Big J is One Today!

I'm going to post all the birthday shenanigans late next week, but wanted to share his cake. I made an Alligator Cupcake Cake from Hello Cupcake.

I made a few modifications - using mini cupcakes instead of regular size (it calls for 24 cupcakes), and I couldn't find the Newman's chocolate cookies they call for, so I subbed in chocolate covered graham crackers.

Here are the cupcakes (baked without wrappers) laid out in the form of the 'gator.

Whipping the color into the buttercream frosting. It called for a 'murky green' color. I mixed leaf green, willow green, a little blue, and a little red - all in the Wilton gel colorings.

Partially frosted. Yes, you see 2 colors of frosting there. No idea what happened. I only made one batch, but did divide it into 2 bags. I thought maybe the heat from my hands warmed up the buttercream, making it absorb more color?

Almost done! The eyes are a marshmallow covered in frosting & dotted with Jr. Mints. The tail looks darker because I scraped off the first round of frosting & repiped it to look a little more uniform. That bothered me much more than the difference in color.

Chocolate covered graham cracker scales, marshmallow teeth, Runts for claws, & Jelly Belly nostrils. You can hardly see the color difference with the other stuff on him.

Happy Birthday to our Big J!


Chrissy Jo said...

Oh my! That is amazing Amy! Happy Birthday to one of the cutest little guys ever!

Ben, Rebecca, Natali, & Isaac said...

Oh for the LOVE I adore this cake! I think it might make a debut when Isaac turns 2! You always amaze me with your talents! Happy Birthday Big J!

Robyn said...

W-O-W. Surely you didn't eat that beauty, did you??

Happy Birthday Big J! I remember what a beautiful baby he was. What a big boy!!

Ashley said...

Crafty, crafty, crafty, I love it!!! Happy Birthday to your little guy!

Kelly said...

I LOVE this cookbook. I got Austin's cupcakes from this same book. Your alligator turned out so cute. Happy birthday Big J.

sarita said...

I am so glad you gave us a little tutorial! I am definitely going to have to try something like this sometime soon--maybe for Maddie's first b-day...