Friday, March 6, 2009

Fab Friday, March 6th

Welcome to the second edition of Fab Friday! I've been thinking hard about what to post today, as I find myself surrounded by Fabness this week! What's been FAB about this week?

Let's see.....

  • We've had beautiful sunshine and WARM weather in Iowa. This means good moods for all + outdoor playtime.
  • I've gotten myself moving 3 times so far, and hope to make it 4 tomorrow morning.
  • I found some awesome bargains this week, including Baby Gap stuff for Big Sis: shirt - a whopping 47 cents, and summer sandals for $1.97. Love, love, love those finds! PS - Gymboree still has a ton of winter stuff on sale, with shirts as low as $3.99. Cute, and perfect for those of us who like to stock up for next fall.
  • Ben & Jerry's mini ice creams on sale for $1 each at Hy-Vee. A yummy treat, especially when enjoying an episode of The Office on Thursday night (my exciting life).

Although the above is great, it's still not what I intended to share for Fab Friday. So here goes:

This is probably my very favorite salad dressing in the world: Brianna's New American Dressing.

It's a creamy balsamic vinaigrette, and it is FANTASTIC. It's light, just the right amount of sweet & tart, and a few drops goes a long way. I've found it locally at Target, and I think it runs about $3.79. Look for the bottle with the red grapes on it.

They make a number of Brianna's dressings, and based on my love of the New American, I dare say they would all be quite tasty. But I am a creature of habit, and completely wedded to my old favorite. For now.


sarita said...

I totally agree with the dressing--thanks for introducing us!

Rosie said...

I ADORE brianna's dressings. One of my faves is the poppyseed, I've tried the honey mustard (it was so so) and the blue cheese (really good, sweeter than most blue cheeses i've tasted) and now I can't wait to try New American. Thanks much, my friend.

Chrissy Jo said...

I found Brianna's dressing 4 years ago and loved it... especially the one with the strawberry on it. Fabulous for strawberry spinach salads! Thanks for sharing that you've found it at Target. I've never seen it in Des Moines!

Robyn said...

I've only ever tried the poppyseed. Now I'm ready to try New American. A good dressing makes all the difference.

Kelly said...

mmmm! Sounds yummy. I plan on picking up a bottle next time I make it Target. Thanks for the heads up.