Friday, March 20, 2009

Fab Friday

Some of you have seen Big J with this before, but it's called a Paci Plushie. They come in a variety of animals, are lightweight, and have a stretchy silicone ring that will fit ANY pacifer. Seriously, this thing is a lifesaver. He can grasp it in the middle of the night & find his paci - so I don't have to get up 14 times to do it for him. For any new or expecting moms who think their kid won't need a paci, I suggest you reserve your judgement. I've had a thumbsucker & a paci baby, and while each has its advantages and pitfalls, I say that if your kid needs the paci, make it easier on yourself and pick up a few of these. The great thing is that when you are both ready, Mr. Monkey can be taken away by the Paci Fairy & disappear forever.


Chrissy Jo said...

That is genius!

sarita said...

A major drawback to having two thumb suckers is that I CAN'T take it away when I feel their too old for them!

I think this Paci Plushie is a great idea--thanks for sharing!