Monday, June 1, 2009

Big J in May

Big Boy Haircut. Where did my Baby go??

Yes, I know it is June, but I shall still give you the May update.

He's eating & gaining weight. His last weight check had him up about a pound and a half, and that boy is feeling like a sack of bricks, so something is working. Still on the platinum formula, and both prescriptions. We discovered he loves cherries, mango, and fried rice, so now those are a regular part of his diet. He enjoys drinking through a straw, and has been known to imbibe chocolate milk, strawberry smoothie, and our signature lemonade/sprite mix.

He is cruising along the furniture, and will turn and walk from furniture to a person if you hold his hands. He has discovered that he can crawl and rub his head on the floor. I think this behavior is genetic (on his father's side of the family).

He is vocalizing more, and saying specific 'baby' words for what he wants. He is using his signing more regularly and spontaneously. He gives great hugs & kisses, is becoming more possessive of his toys, shows his anger if he doesn't get what he wants, and is an all around expressive kid. He is not tremendously outgoing, but is very engaging when he's in familiar surroundings. He is all boy, with a tremendous attraction to balls, trucks, and anything that makes a loud noise.


Kelly said...

You forgot to mention how cute he is.

Peggy said...

Wow - and it's only been a week since I last saw him.....guess I'll have to come for another visit - I have the cutest grandbabies ever - I miss them already Mom