Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fab Friday: May 12

Whether you scoop it, paddle it, dollop it or spoon it, ice cream is a delicious little treat, and happens to be a favorite dessert in our household.

We eat it no matter the season, weather or temperature.
We all have varying favorites.

Mine are Mint Chocolate Chip or Cherry Garcia.

Big Daddy leans towards Rocky Road.

Big Sis loves plain Vanilla, but will occasionally delve into a bite of Strawberry.

And Big J? He loves whatever he's fed.

Despite our diverse favorites, the one thing that unites us in our ice cream delight is the Zyliss ice cream scoop.

I bought this sherbet-tinted beauty about a year ago, and it makes ice cream scooping a dream. Substantial in the hand, you know this scoop means business. If you plan on eating ice cream this summer - and who doesn't? - I recommend you spend the $9.99 and pick one up. I found mine at Dahl's, but Amazon carries them too.


Robyn said...

Amazing. We have the same tastes in our home. I'm with you, tyler is crazy for rocky road, and Logan is plain vanilla. The other 2 will eat whatever...

I think I'll be picking one up this summer. I love fab friday.

Ben, Rebecca, Natali, & Isaac said...

If you haven't yet I highly recommend Bauder's on Ingersol for some DIVINE home style ice cream. They have the classic flavors and some nice summer ones too. It's our favorite when splurging on ice cream.