Saturday, June 13, 2009

Big J Update: June Edition

June is passing by with lightning speed, and I have to take a moment and record it or I will forget.

Our Big J is changing so much.

  • He has 2 more teeth (right side - upper & lower) & is cutting a molar on his lower right side. He wants to bite everything but is pretty gentle about it. Those poor gums must be aching, but he is retaining his sweet spirit - and drooling a lot.

  • He's eating a lot more and we've found that it's critical to give him plenty of time to eat. A new favorite is fresh cherries. If we keep this up, I may have to invest in a cherry pitter because it's really not that easy to cut the stone out.

  • In a few short weeks J has gone from crawling to cruising to walking while holding one finger & standing on his own (from the floor up). He's still discovering his center of gravity, but he is testing his boundaries and I know those first steps are coming soon.

Addendum: Since March he has gained 2.5 lbs. and grown 2 inches. Way to go J!!


Chrissy Jo said...

Look at that sweet boy grow! Way to go, Big J!

sarita said...

Go Big J!

Mom said...

Wish I could be there to see his first steps.....he's so close, You are such a fantastic mother