Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Thank You to the Thank You Note

Thank you note, you are one of my favorite things. I secretly enjoy writing you, and certainly enjoy receiving you. You can be simple or complex, long-winded or succinct, but thank you note - you are always appreciated.

It saddens me that you are waning in popularity, thank you note. People think you can be easily replaced by the email, the phone call, or the verbal flourish, and while these are all decent and thoughtful gestures, none are your equal.

Taking the time to grasp pen in hand and apply it to your fine, unlined, medium stock body.... nothing can match the non-verbal cues this gives! This simple act says "I have good manners", "Politesse makes the world go 'round", and "Your gift means at least 44 cents to me".

Thank you note, Real Simple has extolled your virtues in the past, and although I cannot locate the exact article written about you, I do recall some of the finer points of your assemblage, all of which have helped me to refine my own passion for you.
  1. Specifically state what the gift is. "Thank you so much for the lovely chartreuse vase."
  2. Make a kind, yet general statement. "It was so thoughtful of you to remember my birthday."
  3. Say something nice about it - even if you dislike it. "I can't wait to fill it with my favorite purple hydrangea blossoms and place it on the mantel."
  4. Incorporate the gift givers into your note. "John and I are looking forward to having you and Steve over for dinner again soon. We had so much fun last week!"
  5. End sincerely, but appropriately. "All My Best, Anne"

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Robyn said...

oh no. this post is making me feel super guilty.

i was just talking to sara the other day about how thoughtful you are with notes. it truly is a nice touch, and i should do better.

until then, i hope you love me anyway!