Saturday, June 6, 2009

The end of Spring Soccer

Today was the last day of Spring Soccer. Although Big Sis was never overly-enthusiastic about playing, I think she did enjoy it. Memories of this season include:
  • Wild weather. From cold, windy and rainy to sunny and nearly perfect, those Purple Lollipops played through all kinds of weather.
  • Missing socks. I don't know why, but we had the worst time maintaining the whereabouts of her soccer socks. This resulted in a weekly shakedown of the house, which rarely resulted in victory.
  • A real-life experience with "sideline sports rage". We had just finished a game, and a parent from the opposing team laid into that week's coach (from their own team). He was being rude & aggressive, and Big Daddy stepped in to defend her. This enraged the parent in question, who proceeded to actually go nose-to-nose with Big Daddy and tell him that he wanted to "Go". In the end, the situation was diffused and no punches were thrown, but it was a tense few minutes.
  • A realization that soccer can be fun! Not sure she'll willingly sign up for the Fall season, but I think we can talk her into it again - especially after she scored 3 goals in the last game!


Ashley said...

She is darling in these pics, especially the last one - look at her cute little legs - I lOVE it!

Robyn said...

No way! I can't believe the confrontation. How ridiculous!!
I want to hear more about it when we go to dinner.
Loved the pics of her.