Friday, June 5, 2009

Fab Friday: June 5

One of our favorite summer time destinations in Des Moines is Snookie's Malt Shop. Located at 1810 Beaver Ave. (Beaver & 41st), near Drake University, Snookies is our go-to spot for after dinner treats. It's been around for about 30 years, and one visit will tell you why.

Soft-serve ice cream is the menu's staple, and all creations are built on your choice of chocolate or vanilla. You can get all the basics here - a soft serve cone (cake cone only) served plain, dipped, or rolled, and always topped with an animal cracker. They also have the usual malt shop fare: banana splits, shakes, malts, and even a hot dog or two.

We mostly go for the atmosphere. On a balmy summer evening, the neighborhood comes out in force - kids & dogs in tow. It's a great place to meet & greet or just enjoy the last rays of evening sun. It also doesn't hurt that a kid's cone is just a dollar!

It's nothing special, or fancy, it's just Snookies. Go get a little bit of Des Moines tonight.

PS - Just don't try to go in the winter. Snookie's is only open from mid-April to mid-September.

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Kelly said...

Snookies is one of our favorites too! I'm can't believe we haven't run into each other there.