Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's the Little Things

I so frequently feel that products are all hype with little substance to back them up.  So I get a ridiculous amount of satisfaction in using tools that work well. Functional, sturdy, pleasing to look upon.  And if they are reasonable in price, my pleasure is doubled.

My latest love is this little scraper from Sur la Table.

At one point I bought it because I had a recipe that called for cutting a sticky dough, and this tool seemed to fit the bill.  The fact that it could be used to scrape out a bowl was like an added bonus.   

Side note: I've always called these "scrapers". 
 I thought a spatula referred to the tool used to flip pancakes.  
Yet, my favorite sites for cooking tools call both items "spatula". 
Do you see my confusion?  
What do you call these two?

I digress.....

I love my little red scraper.  It gets every bit from the bowl and divides dough with ease.  Dough doesn't cling like it will on a knife.  And it's small enough to fit snugly in my tool drawer.  


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