Friday, April 8, 2011

No Spending Progress

Day 1: After 4 days of the stomach flu, I woke up feeling better.  Coupled with sunshine and day 2 of Spring Break, I decided it was time for family fun.  I knew my membership was up soon so I made the executive decision, and we packed up to head out to the Detroit Zoo.  I did stop at the grocery and bought snacks to tide us over.  I also topped off the gas in my car – all allowed under the ‘rules’ for April.  I found myself thinking about hot chocolate and cherry limeades from Sonic.  But I was strong, and made it through the day.  Dinner at home, and all was well.   Total spent: $0

Day 2:  A very lazy Saturday at home.  No errands, just chores and reading and games.  Total spent: $0

Day 3:  Big Daddy suggested we go to IKEA, and who am I turn down a voluntary family trip to my favorite furniture megastore?  We made the trip and although I wrote imaginary checks as we meandered through sofas, kitchens, and storage, we spent no actual $$.  The day turned rainy, and we spent the rest of the afternoon movie surfing, reading, and playing dress-up.  Total spent: $0

Day 4: It was a rainy day, so we huddled down inside.  I caught up on the household chores, and we only left the comfort of our home to stretch our legs at the library.  Although I gazed longingly at the Sonic drive-through (half price Cherry Limeades!), I sped by and stayed strong.  I did go to the pharmacy to pick up an Rx, but avoided the Easter candy and nail polish aisles.  Total spent: $0

Day 5: Another cold, overcast day.  Took the kids out for a walk & it was SNOWING.  I am so over winter.  I had a new book to read (from the library), so I was fairly distracted.  Ran to the grocery store for a few things, but was not tempted by anything ‘extra’.  Total spent: $0

Day 6:  I think this is feeling more difficult because the kids have been home for Spring Break (school starts again on Monday!).  I want to do fun things with them, but I am not finding anything that is free and local.  Must schedule playdates soon.  Occupied most of my day with creating listings on eBay.  My version of Spring Cleaning, I guess.  Total spent: $0

Day 7: No luck scheduling playdates.  Sold an item on Craigslist & found it enormously satisfying.  Also cleaned out bits of the basement, garage, and back yard.  Did not leave the house.  Am wondering if I am becoming agoraphobic.  Am also realizing how many email lists I am on – they always seem to arrive touting some new discount or deal.  Difficult on my resolve, but I am staying strong.  It is feeling a little less like punishment & more like ‘the new normal’.  Total spent: $0


Anonymous said...

That is so awesome! We dropped a load yesterday and bought our years supply of food storage all in one schwak. Ouch!

Ashley said...

I am SO impressed - Logan I'm sure would LOVE if I followed suit!! Haha!! But seriously - you rock at self-discipline and way to go on Ebay and Craigslist sales!!!!! Yea for extra income!

Robyn said...

I"ve loved these posts on money and you've inspired me to do the same. Have you heard of where you can do your budget? It is amazing!! Keep up the good work!