Friday, April 15, 2011

No Spending Progress, Week 2

15 days down = halfway there!

Day 8:  Finally Friday!  A cold, wet Spring Break is stretching me to my limits.  We are so very bored.  I did stock up at the grocery store, but did great.  I stuck to the list & didn’t even stop to ride the penny pony when we were done (I just didn’t want to wait behind the family of 7).  Total spent: $0 

Day 9: Another cold day.  Woke up late, and after breakfast, workout, and clean up, we headed to Lowe’s where we bought…. Spray paint!  We decided to makeover Big Sis’ old bike for Big J, and we needed more paint to complete the look.  Of course, he requested orange.  Also noted that I still have more than ½ a tank of gas.  Total spent: $7.59

Day 10: Listed a few more items on Craigslist.  Sunny and H-O-T (so glad that the last day of Spring Break was actually nice!), so we spent time outside bike riding, sidewalk chalking, and bubble blowing.  An unanticipated bonus of no shopping: my purse is no longer cluttered with receipts, lists, and random slips of paper.  Total spent: $0

Day 11: The first day back into our normal routine was heaven sent.  I got lots accomplished around the house, and didn’t drive anywhere.  Total spent: $0

Day12:  Sold another item on craigslist, so I was happy to pocket $50 today.  It was also Free Scoop Day at Ben & Jerry’s!  My plan was to take the kids for an afterschool treat, but once I realized that the shop was in downtown Detroit, we decided to have an early dinner and make it dessert.  I thought the lines would be really long, so maybe going after rush hour would be better.  We had no problems finding it.  I avoided the parking garages & instead spent 50 cents to park at a meter.  Surprisingly, there were no lines!  We grabbed our free scoops, then walked a few blocks to gawk at Tiger Stadium.  We spent enough time walking and eating ice cream that there was no traffic on the way home.  We stopped at Target near home, but only bought exactly what we came for: cereal, body wash, toothpaste, and medicine.  Total spent: $0.50

Day13:  This was my first day with errands to do.  It’s getting easier and easier to check things off my list without wanting to throw in a few “extras” that we don’t really need.  It helps tremendously that it’s been nice weather so we can get outside a bit.  It also helps that I have been focusing on organizing, Spring Cleaning, and exercising at home.  Most of my eBay auctions sold, and it was really satisfying to see that money add up in my Paypal account.  I’m going to let it sit until at least May, so I have plenty of time to think about what I want to do with it (new camera lens?).  Total spent: $0

Day 14:  I made a trip to the beloved/ dreaded Costco.  All was well until checkout - when Big J asked for lunch.  My stomach was rumbling, and although the air was perfumed with the fragrance of fresh churros, we walked on by.  It also helped that I was still thinking about a quote my husband rambled off last night (possibly attributed to Richard Simmons), “Put down the donut.  You know what it tastes like.”  Total spent: $0

Day 15: I woke up cranky.  I wanted a hot chocolate, and a treat.  This was a perfect illustration of wants vs. needs.  I had hot chocolate at home, and lots of yummy food to choose from.  There was no NEED to go out, but I WANTED to.  {sigh}.  I also desperately wanted a treat after dinner tonight, but once again, my ego kept my id in check.  I did have to fill up the car today – first time in 2 weeks!  Total spent: $0

Week One - Total Spent: $0.00
Week Two - Total Spent: $8.09

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Ashley said...

I am totally amazed at your discipline - sometimes I'm just in the mood to buy, even if it's $1 items, and you're a rockstar for not giving in!!!!!!! For real. What a fabulous idea. I love hearing about your progress...and one day I might try this out...for a week or something ;)