Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fat Tuesday

Did you know today is Fat Tuesday?  

(aka Paczki Day here in metro Detroit)

In honor of a holiday which has no bearing or impact on my life, I decided to make a King Cake!

Really, it was all for our Cajun Princess, born in the heart of Acadiana.

Ok, really really it was just a reason to make cake.  

(check them out!  lots of yummy stuff to be found!)

Know what works to cool off your proofing mix when you're out of ice?  


Rolled out, slathered with cherry cream cheese filling. 


Baked, iced, & sugared.  

PS: I left out the baby.  I thought it might be too traumatic for the little ones.  

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Becky said...

Amy!!! Thanks so much for bringing us one! It was sooo good. Sorry that day was so crazy- Marcus had two friends from school over so they could finish a school project and I was trying to help them. Anyway, we really enjoyed it. We like to celebrate Tres Reyes on Jan 6th- - which uses King's bread too- - and this recipe was much better than the one I have been using. I will have to go that website to get the recipe. Anyway, thanks again.