Thursday, March 3, 2011


I think I have an addiction.

I confess, I love mascara.

I was not born with the luxuriant lashes my children have.

Mine are average.  Average color.  Average length. Average density.

And so my quest for lushness began.  Something that would give me length and depth and frame my peepers with the crowning glory they so richly deserve.

And of course it had to be waterproof.  While I am not prone to impromptu bursts of emotion - complete with showers of tears - I have been blessed with ocular moistness, which mostly displays itself as a shadowy ring beneath my lids.

Not exactly the look I am aiming for.


I started with this.  
I used it for years and years and years.  
It's a classic for a reason, but one day I yearned for something..... more. 
Thicker. Richer looking.  More waterproof.

I began using this.  
It was good.  
Very, very good.  
The thick brush layers your lashes with an even coating. 
The appearance of volume doubles, and sometimes triples. 
But the "waterproof" version was not always so. 


Then I tried this.
My lashes were voluminous and thick.  
It was less prone to run, but seemed to dry out more quickly than I like. 
It was satisfactory, and in fact, often my go-to choice.  


But one day, I acquired a sample of this.  
The heavens parted and I may have actually heard a chorus of angels.  
It glides (glides!) on with ease. 
The brush is not as bristle-y or thick as others, but with such a fine formula it does not need to be. 
It is black, black, black and offers an inky contrast to my pale eyes. 
I have the non-waterproof version and am impressed with how secure it is on my lashes. 
I would looooooove to try the waterproof version, but am almost afraid to.  
Could it live up to the glory of the original?  
Or will it be just a sorry second?  
I only have a small tube and am doling it out with care.  
At $24.50/ tube, I am hoping that perhaps the Easter Bunny will tuck one into my basket.  
And if the EB purchases at Sephora, I can rest easy with the knowledge that if it does not meet my sky-high expectations, I can return it with no questions asked.  


Ashley said...

I too have tried ALL of these mascaras and they do okay, but I'm not in LOVE. I'm hoping maybe the easter bunny will now drop one of these bad boys in my basket too!!! ;)

As always, thanks for the product suggestion - I totally value your advice!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Dior show. Also, if you need another standby try Benefit Cosmetics BadGal lash. I love their basic black but the waterproof is a must for Turbo Camp :)