Wednesday, March 30, 2011

April Savings

April is a month of changes.  From the celebration of Easter and the true beginning of Spring, to rising temperatures and the unveiling of snow white arms, April is all about evolution.

And this April will include the evolution of our budget.  For this year, we are putting a stop to all unnecessary spending.  This means no car washes, no eating out, no snacks, no movies, no lip gloss, no sodas, no Spring clothes, no Winter clearance, no cravings for Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs (well, cravings are OK, I just can't give in).


If it's not NEEDED, it's not getting purchased.

  • Food from the grocery store
  • Medications
  • Gas
  • The regular monthly bills
Special Provisions:
  • If we have a gift card, we can use it.  Ex: The kids still have a couple of $5 McDonald gift cards.  If they are dying by the middle of the month, we can go to McDonald's, but can't spend more than what's on the card. 
  • We can't stock up in anticipation.  If we are out of it & need it, we can buy it now, but no more than exactly what we need.  
  • If something unexpected arises, we can discuss it.  For example, there seem to be lots of Spring birthdays.  If Big Sis is invited to a party, we will talk about gift options and how we can budget/ spend appropriately.  (hello coupons!)
  • We can't blow our savings at the end with a celebratory "I bought this/ we had a big meal out because the April experiment is finally over!". 
I'm actually excited about this.  We've talked about it as a family, and discussed why we think it's a good idea.  Since everyone is involved, it makes me feel like we've got a good chance for success.  I don't expect that we will save a bucket of money, but I believe it will make us all more thoughtful about what we need vs. what we want.  Let the savings begin!

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Jen said...

I love it!! We just got a big whopper of taxes to pay so I may be implementing this in my home, too! Thanks for the idea :)