Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I am boggled that not only are we halfway through March of 2011, my Baby Boy is also 3! 

We started our day with donuts & presents. 

Frog Pillow Pet from Grandma Huff.  A HUGE hit. 

More Thomas from Mom & Dad


During errands that morning, he got the special treat of riding with Bob the Builder. 

Buzz Lightyear, Space Ranger. 
Big Sis loves to play dress-up.... 
and in the interest of keeping him out of high heels & feather boas, 
we thought a costume of his own would be most fitting. 

As requested: fried rice for dinner. 

Flingsmash cake!

 Happy Birthday Big J!

Memories of age 2-3:
  • His vocabulary is huge & he loves to talk.  
  • He is still small for his age.  Because he is small - but very verbal - strangers often have no idea how old he is.... guesses range from a tiny 4 year old to an incredibly advanced 2 year old.  
  • He is potty trained!  He uses a pull-up at night, but we're going to wean him off that after the move this summer. 
  • He is outgrowing his nap.  Although Mama isn't thrilled with it, it usually means a solid 10 hours of sleep at night (which Mama LOVES).
  • He has begun to mimic some of the things we say.  Ex: "Um, excuse me, I'm talking here.", "Hello?  Can you hear me?", "Mama, I just need a minute."
  • He loves to jump, run, and swing.  He loves the slide, goes nuts at the bouncehouse, and can kick a ball really well.  He is learning to catch a ball.  Loves the water, and will jump in without hesitation.  Does not like to float on his back. 
  • Favorite toys: Thomas trains, Buzz, Woody, Hot Wheels cars, Legos.  
  • Likes to be read to.  Favorite Book: Go Dog, Go.  
  • Questions everything.  "What's this?  Why?  Where are we going?"  Sometimes makes us feel like this is the Spanish Inquisition (without the Rack, of course). 
  • Is very social.  Loves to play with friends and visit other people's homes.  
  • Wants to be in the middle of whatever we are doing.  If I am exercising, or in the kitchen, he is right next to me - either copying what I'm doing, or playing close by.  
  • Knows all his letters and can count to 10.  Knows colors, shapes, and almost any animal you show him.  
  • Is a picky eater.  Enjoys strawberries, macaroni & cheese, fried rice, peanut butter & jelly (likes to make his own sandwich), chicken nuggets, bananas, nectarines, milk.  Will pretend to gag if he is encouraged to eat a bite of something he thinks he doesn't like (broccoli). 
  • Favorite color: Orange!
  • Is fascinated by the current Red Lobster commercial & will watch it, eyes unblinking, until the end when he asks when we go there.  


sarita said...

Sounds like Maddie and big J would be great friends! Wish we were going to be living closer over the next 3 years!

Forever Changed said...

I love the cake Amy! Great Job! Oh and the fried rice for dinner is pretty awesome!