Sunday, December 14, 2008

9 months already??

Big J, are you really 9 months old today? It must be true; the calendar doesn't lie.

You are such a joy to us, and we love watching you grow and change every week. It is amazing to me that you have 7 teeth now, are getting ready to crawl, and are sleeping through the night (once in a while).

Your new favorite food is pancakes, as discovered this morning.

You also love graham crackers, goldfish, chex, and more graham crackers.

Perhaps all those carbs are affecting your boyish figure - but around here we love our boys with a little extra meat on their baby bones.

Your first word is 'Mama', spoken today while pinning me with your lazer-like blue eyes.

You are surviving your first ear infection & lived through your first big fall (courtesy of Mama's clumsiness and a good dose of Des Moines ice).

You are curious in spirit and sweet in character. It warms my heart to see you cradled in our friend's arms, scrutinizing their faces as if determining the nature of the universe.
When you smile, your whole body exudes happiness - back arched as you clench your fists in joy. Your laugh is hearty and bodes of many good times (and lots of tickles!) to come.

We love you so very much.


Matt and Erin Pitcher said...

He is so cute!

Hi, I'm Robyn! said...

Amy, you write so well. What a sweet little tribute.