Monday, December 8, 2008

Catching Up on the Interwebz

Sometimes I get caught up doing the same ol' thing online - check my email, check ebay, check my blogs, get bored.

And then sometimes I get swept away in the awesome randomness which is just a click away on my computer. I need to get started on my 'friend gifts' for this year, and know what I want to make for one, but I also like to mix it up & make it more stressful for myself by whipping together multiple creations. In the midst of my search for the perfect, complicated, hive-inducing project, I wandered into OhDeeDoh. I love this site for its mix of high-end nursery design, low-end kid crafts, and everything in between. Plus, I've been obsessing about the possibility of renting a house (more space! more work!) and doing something cute with the kids' room. And today I found this:

This little beauty is by Thorunn Arnadottir, an Icelandic artist. Looks like it's a one-off design, but how cool would it be to reproduce this in a kids' room? Grab some paint, tape, wooden boxes and nails, and you've got yourself a cool, modern mural/ wall storage. I am not always a huge fan of modern design, but I am getting there.

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