Friday, December 19, 2008

Food, Wonderful Food

It's true what they say about having multiple children. With the first, I was super concerned about what she ate, when, how much, for how long, what she did & when, and how she measured up with other kids. I haven't completely relaxed with #2, but the rules are much less stringent or strict.

At 4 months he had a taste of chocolate ice cream (that one was courtesy of Big Daddy). I think someone has snuck him a sip of root beer. And recently his diet has expanded tremendously. In the past few days he has sampled steak, chicken, turkey, fried rice, cream of wheat cereal, croutons, and chocolate chip cookie. He's been refusing his baby food, so not only does he need to try new things, but he also needs to get some chow in his belly (other than the ever-popular graham cracker).

I'm still against juice for babies. I almost lost my mind when I discovered my MIL giving juice to Big Sis when she was about 6 months old. It wasn't her fault - I never outright stated my aversion for babies having juice, nor did I even realize I felt so strongly about it until the incident occurred. I think it has way too much sugar for tiny bodies, and lays a foundation for craving sugary drinks in the future.

Big Sis has expanded her drawing skills recently, adding butterflies, flowers, trees, and now houses. Note the stairs in pink and blue.

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Hi, I'm Robyn! said...

I found the same thing with food and babies. My first didn't have sugar until he was 1 yr. My last was born with a sucker in his mouth! ... also, I agree with the juice thing- I still don't buy it.

Big Sis sure is talented! Hope that house sells with all those stairs.