Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Reflections On A Year

I've spent the day thinking back over the events of 2008. It seems like January 1, 2008 arrived much longer than just 365 days ago. Here is what I remember from this past year:

January: A busy month, filled with travel (to Nevada), and lots of work. I vividly remember Big Daddy's birthday, as I was desperately sick with the stomach flu. Sorry you had to make your own cake!

February: Big Sis turned 4, began ballet lessons and started preschool. My girl is growing up so fast.

March: Big J arrived! We became a family of 4, and it's been full speed ahead ever since! We also sold our house & breathed a huge sigh of relief when that trial was over with.

April: My maternity leave ended all too soon, and it was back to work for me. Grandma & Grandpa H also came for a visit, and we had a great time catching up with them and passing around Big J.

May: Finals time, and preparation for Big Sis' ballet recital.

June: Grandma & Grandpa E came to visit & we had lots of fun with them. The Iowa floods came, and we took a long weekend to go to Chicago. We visited with family, enjoyed the zoo and the aquarium, and ate delicious Chicago-style pizza.

July: A wonderful 4th in Des Moines - a neighborhood parade, fireworks, and time with friends. I also started my Baby Bootcamp exercise class & began travelling the road back to better health. Big Daddy also went back to school after an all-too-short summer break.

August: A birthday for me. We also spent lots of time outside, enjoying the mild summer weather.

September: Back to school for Big Sis, and training to run a 5K for me. Big J cut his first tooth.

October: A trip to Nevada to see Grandma & Grandpa E. Ran the Race for the Cure and raised $500! Caught walking pneumonia.

November: Weaned Big J, and I left him in Des Moines while I spent 2 nights in New York City. It was the first time I left him for more than a few hours & it was HARD. My car attacked me & I have the scar to prove it. Bought a new car.

December: Lots of preparation for Christmas & travelling. Excitement getting to Oregon & an enjoyable Christmas with Grandma & Grandpa H.

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