Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Almost there....

No, thank you.

I just realized I am nearly done with my Christmas shopping. I have been really busy with work, and started to have a small panic attack today when I thought about everything on my to-do list before we head to Oregon.

But never fear - online shopping is here!

I've been collecting things for the kids for a few months now. Not that they are getting a ton of stuff, but I keep my eyes open for good deals and things I think they would like, and have no problem stashing things for a while. And thankfully Big Sis is not yet to the 'root around mom and dad's bedroom to try and find all her presents' stage'. Yet.

I still need to take Big Sis out to pick out a present for Big J (with my not-so-subtle suggestions guiding her choice). And then the kids and I need to find something for Big Daddy. And I need to pick up a few stocking stuffers.

I just bought 2 more gifts online today, and am wrapping things up for 2 more on top of that. Other than making a few gifts on Crafty Friday, the above is very manageable to me.
I feel so much better. What about you? Are you done with your shopping and shipping? Or are you a Christmas eve shopper? (Personally I can't think of anything I'd want to do less than be at the mall on Christmas eve. Must be from my many years of working retail....)

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Kelly said...

I'm so excited for Friday!!! I two am doing great with my shopping this year. I just have Jake's parents left and something for Jake from me and from the kids. Other than that, we are done!! This is really a record for me. I usually put it off until the last possible day.