Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Jack Frost Calling.....

I don't really mind the cold & snow.

If I can see the sun every few days & don't have to do too much driving on snowy roads, I'm good.

Sure, I miss taking walks (I have been a TOTAL vegetable lately & am extremely frustrated with myself & my schedule), wearing flip flops, and eating watermelon, but I know summer shall return.


But today we woke to the special treat of ice, ice baby.

It had warmed up last night & actually rained a bit. And that meant big trouble this morning.

I didn't realize it until we headed down to the car & preschool. 80% of the car was coated in ice. It was nearly impenetrable, and took at least 20 minutes to warm things up enough to chip away a little peek hole in the windshield.

The roads were slick, and our steps were treacherous. It was extra fun with a 20+lb. babe in arms.

Ice, ice, go away, come again another day (never).

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