Thursday, December 11, 2008


This is Big J. He had an 'exciting' day today.

Maybe exciting isn't quite the word for it.




Perhaps I am confusing my own set of emotions with his.

After we both fell on the ice yesterday, we came home & tried to recover before scurrying off to ballet. He seemed a little out of sorts, but he'd just been traumatized, so I chalked it up to that.

He had little interest in dinner, and wanted nothing to do with his bath - both of which are usually in his Top 3 Favorite Things to Do.

This morning we discovered a crust around the inside of his right ear.

We spent the remainder of the day running from the doctor's office to the radiologist to the pharmacy.

Thankfully, he does not have a skull fracture. He does have a massive ear infection which burst through his eardrum. That's what is making it's way out his tiny little ear.

10 days worth of pink antibiotics squirted down his throat twice a day and he should be back in tip top form.

My maternal guilt got the best of me tonight, and he has a new toy waiting for him when he wakes up in the morning.

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Suzie Bean said...

I am so glad to hear he is okay. I kept thinking about you yesterday and wondering how he was and I almost called you last night. Sarah had that happen to her ear when she was about 9 months old. I never even knew she had an ear infection and then she had a her 9 month appt. and the dr. told me what had happened and why her ear was like that. OOpps. I felt bad, but she acted completely normal. Maybe it was a little blessing falling so you could find his ear was not so well? (even though it hurts)