Monday, July 14, 2008

4 Months Old!!

Happy 4 Month Birthday to you Big J! You are changing every day and growing so fast. You have just started rolling over (tummy to back), you are sitting up well in your Bumbo (thank you craigslist), and are generally a sweet baby. You've been off the paci for 2 weeks now & you took the change in stride. The little time you do sleep, you're in your crib. You love being around your big sis, and nobody makes you laugh like Daddy. Looking at pictures of you I can see the little boy, not the baby any more.

Likes: Green Frog, Baby Einstein books, Jumper, riding in the Bob, splashing in the tub, drooling, chewing on fingers, eating, flirtin' with the ladies.

Dislikes: Sleeping (day or night), being on your tummy, Guitar Hero.

Activity: jumping in the Jumper, laying on your back on your activity mat while grabbing/ batting at dangling toys, chewing on link-a-doos & Baby Einstein book, splashing, chewing on fingers, grabbing & chewing on green frog, drooling all the time, rolling over, playing in exersaucer, sitting & playing in Bumbo, watching Mom, Dad & Big Sis, chewing, chewing, chewing.......


Hi, I'm Robyn! said...

So sweet- now what does he have against guitar hero??

Amy said...

Too Noisy! If you turn down the volume, it's really hard to follow the tune. I guess he may not be a music lover!