Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I hope it's not a one-way street

Since Big J was born, Big Sis has vacillated between smothering him with hugs, kisses, and pats, and utterly ignoring him. On occasion she will delve into playing too rough (evoking a "What Did I Tell You About Being Too Rough?!?!?!"), or giving him the barest of acknowledgement with a look out of the corner of her eyes. But lately she has discovered the power of showing off to Big J. He's taken a grand interest in her doings of late, and she is gobbling it up. In the car he will stare her down until she looks at him, then breaks into a smile of unadulterated joy. She can make him laugh like no one else, and he is mesmerized by whatever she does. His favorite game of late is to sit in his Jumper positioned in the doorway to her room. She will then romp and stomp around her room, playing tea party with him, doing somersaults and generally being looney. He is GLUED to her every move. When she is particularly delightful, he jumps like a madman, catching air and slapping his hands on the tray. I never had a close sibling (it's complicated) and I always felt like I missed out. I envy Big Daddy and his brothers. They may not be close now, but when the family gets together they have so many stories to tell. I expect these two to have a contentious relationship, but I desperately hope they end up being close. Hence, the above picture. I was deliriously excited about getting their picture taken together. I hope this will be the first of many.


Suzie Bean said...

Such a cute, cute picture! I love their smiles. Where did you go? Megan was the only one that could ever make Joseph laugh and laugh when he was about that age. It made my heart melt and I wanted to cry every time! You have 2 adorable children!
(that is ick about the nursing thing, I couldn't do it!)

Ashley said...

Precious!! Totally adorable smiles! J is looking more and more like his big sis everyday. I love that you can immediatley tell their siblings!
Amy I've missed you have such a knack for writing and keeping me entertained..which is hard to do! I'm totally stealing jo schmo neighbor's internet right now to read these and type this. bytheway, I hope you find your sunglasses. Maybe they fell into someone's coat pocket? They'll turn up I'm sure!