Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Day of Firsts

Sunday was a day of firsts for us. J rolled over (see previous post with video).

Bunny gave her first talk in Primary. I was so proud of her! We wrote the talk last night, and she contributed much of what was said. She wasn't nervous at all, and spoke clearly. I think she liked being in front of everyone, using the microphone, and having everyone tell her she did a good job. A win all around.

And we went to Family Night at the local pool - even getting J in the water for a while! M and I both had to go down all the waterslides to 'test them out'. Bunny was eager to show off what she's been learning in swim lessons. She is doing so well that I think this is something we will have to commit to every summer. She has no problem sticking her face under water, and even immerses herself completely with no complaints. The only bad news is that I think she might be a sinker like her father. (P.S.: I know, we're not very strict on 'keeping the Sabbath Day holy', but frankly, family time is limited, and when we have the chance to do something that everyone will enjoy we take it. )

Just a shot to show what Justin looks like much of the time - fingers shoved in mouth as far as they can go.

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Ashley said...

OOh that pool looks enticing! And you're right, M did great on her talk, I was totally impressed! Is it bad to have favorite sunbeams? =)