Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Touch of OCD

The title is a joke. Sort of. One of the things I love about Matt is that he and I are similar in some key ways. One of which is that we have a tiny, tiny bit of OCD. Now, my OCD isn't the good kind - like the kind that makes me keep my house spotless, or enables me to complete a term paper 3 days after the assignment is handed out. Oh no, I have the kind that hinges more on the "O" in OCD. Obsessive. I become fixated on the most random of things, and then can't stop thinking about them. This mostly comes out when I find music I like. If I find a song I like, I will listen to it on 'repeat' for hours, which then turn into days. I sleep and eat and stuff - it doesn't completely disrupt my life - but I do tend to fixate. Every once in a while I also obsess over questions or things, not resting until I find the answer or discover what I am looking for. I am currently looking for ice cream/ soup takeout containers. They have to be pint sized, white with white lid, made of thick paper with a waxy coating on the inside, and available to purchase in quantities of less than 50. I can find what I want until we get to the quantity issue. What would I do with 250 pint containers?? I've done a fairly thorough internet search. I looked on ebay. There's no Smart & Final here, so that's out. I will probably have to start calling restaurants to see if they have what I want, and if so, if they will sell it to me. Fortunately, I don't really need these for a few more months. Wish me luck.

Sleep update: Things have been thrown off a little since swim lessons began this week. He seems to want to take a little nap between 6:30 and 7:00, but then it's harder to get him to bed. We do have a new bedtime routine: cluster feed him as much as possible between making dinner by 4:30, eating, and leaving for swim lessons at 6:00. Home at 7:00, Malaina in shower, try to feed Justin again, Justin in bath. PJ's on everyone, try to juggle stories with Malaina and keep Justin calm, tuck in Malaina, soothe Justin, Justin in crib. The good news: NO MORE PACIFIER. We are 6 days sans-paci, and things are much better. Everyone comments that it's so early for him to not be using it anymore, but I just couldn't continue to get up a dozen times a night to stick it back in his mouth. He's sleeping in his crib all the time now, and is going to sleep much more easily. He did have to cry it out a few times at the beginning, but now he'll fuss for a few minutes, then settle down quickly. He does still wake to eat several times each night, but I don't really have a way to circumvent that except to hope that he will grow out of it. And besides, I am so grateful for these positive changes that I can't ask for much more right now.

I wish someone would hold a how-to class on the DIY French Manicure. I realize this would be rather self-defeating to a manicurist. Why teach someone to DIY, when we could continue to pay $25+ to have them do it for us? I rarely paint my nails, but I do like to keep my toes painted. I treat myself to a pedicure maybe once a year, but I love the little designs some manicurists will do as part of the pedi. I like the look of French tips on the toes, but seem to botch it every time. I'm sure it's just a matter of practice, but I would pay good money to have someone teach me how to do it right - show the supplies & explain why they work so well, go through it step by step, and let me practice under supervision. YouTube has some videos on this, but seeing it in poor quality digital video doesn't compare to having someone walk you through it in person. I found this Flickr user in Japan who gets the most amazing looking manicures. Apparently she frequents some of the top nail salons in Tokyo, and she comes away with Pucci-inspired designs with Swarovski crystals, glittery French manicures and more. That's a bit much for me, as I both have no real nails to speak of and wash my hands 15 times a day. But I love a gorgeous pedicure, and if I had the money I'd get one twice a month. One of the only good things about living in Lafayette was the Aveda Beauty School there. While I was pregnant with Malaina, I DID get a pedicure every 2 weeks - because they were $10!! (oh the bygone days of free time and disposable income) Sorry- this turned into a rambler......

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