Friday, August 15, 2008

5 Months Old!

Time for my monthly update on Big J - he's 5 months old now! Babies don't change that much from month to month, but when I think about how much he's changed from birth to 5 months, I am amazed.
What he's doing now: He likes to grasp and grab, and will reach for favorite toys, grab and yank hair, and can pull his paci out and put it back in. He can roll over, but doesn't like to very often (he's a modest boy). He's eating solid foods, but does not like it at all. He enjoys hooting, cooing and squawking, especially first thing in the morning. He loves to ride in the BOB, be worn in the front carrier, and even allows me to put him in the sling carrier once in a while (in the side hip carry). He enjoys longer periods in the exersaucer, especially if he can see me while in it. He LOVES to lay down in the tub & 'float' with the water up around his face (just like Big Sis did!). Overall, he is a very happy, laid back and sweet baby. He's showing signs of longer, more restful sleep at night - hallelujah- and I only wish he would nap a little longer during the day.

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Hi, I'm Robyn! said...

He is just precious. Love his smile! He is lucky to have such a sweet big sis. You must be so proud!