Friday, August 8, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

Alrighty, so this post comes a few days too late, but I've been immersed in birthday-related madness, so I am excusing myself. Wednesday was the big day, and it was really, really nice.

As always, I had spent days building up plans in my head, deluding myself into thinking that I had perfect children who would cooperate with my every whim, and a job that would send no emails and make no phone calls that day. Yes, a dreamer I am.

Big J and I woke early, and were subsequently ordered by Big Daddy that it was time to open presents. The man has no patience when it comes to gift giving. So he woke Big Sis, and I opened my gifts. Good Stuff! We had a quiet morning consisting of cleaning, conference calls, and some good indoor playtime. We got Thai food for lunch (takeout, of course), and hung out at home until BD got home from school. I made dinner at home, then we took a family walk. It was SO nice out. After we got home, my friend Robyn came by with another gift for me (love it!). The kids wrangled into bed fairly easily. All in all, a good day - marred only by the fact that both my Dads didn't call. I expect people to forget my birthday, but not the immediate family. Dad1 left a message yesterday morning apologizing, using the classic line that he didn't forget, he just got busy and didn't remember later in the day ( I can relate). Dad2 did email, but no call. A little surprising, as the only time I usually talk to him on the phone is on my birthday. Ah well, I guess I consider myself lucky that at least he emailed.
And btw - don't even ask how old I am. Let's just say that I'm glad that "30 is the new 20".


Jacob, Kelly, Austin and Chase said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! (Even if it is a little late.) I am so glad you enjoyed your day. And let me say that personally I too am glad that 30 is the new 20. I hope all is going well.

Hi, I'm Robyn! said...

Glad it was a great day! I didn't have time to explain since my kids were in the car, but I got you the sleep soap hoping it will work some magic over there. Hopefully Big J will get a whiff of that and be out for the night! We can dream, right???
And yes, I'm loving the 30 thing. I'm new at it, but I'm thinkin' I like it better so far.

ps- you have Breaking Dawn? Can't wait to read it so we can talk!!

Sara said...

Happy b-day!!! I'm glad big daddy and the kids took good care of you.

I thought 40 was the new 20? In that case, I'll be turning 10 this year!

Suzie Bean said...

Happy Birthday to you! Sounds like a non-stressful bday. Those are the best! Again, Happy belated Birthday!