Sunday, August 31, 2008

Another Food Snob in the Family?

Big Daddy and I have been talking about making peach jam for a while, and I finally picked up some gorgeous looking peaches at Costco. The plan was to make freezer jam, as I wanted something quick and easy. At his urging, I started the process tonight - peeling these bad boys, slicing them and pureeing in the food processor. I had a little left over, and gave it a taste - delicious! Being that it was almost bath time & I hadn't fed Big J any solids today, I thought it couldn't hurt to try a spoonful. He LOVED it. After a tentative couple of bites, he gobbled down about 4 tablespoons of pureed peaches. This is about as much as he's eaten in the last 6 weeks of sampling solids.

It totally changed his attitude. He had a good bath, with no fussing at the end. I wrestled him into his PJ's with a minimum of fighting back, and he was even mellow while he waited for me to finish up my stuff and settle him down for the night. Maybe he's been fighting solids because he wanted the fresh stuff all along. The fresh peach puree was definitely tastier than the baby food version. I may be spending this week pureeing and freezing various fruits & veggies for baby food. Anything to get him to move towards eating solids (or at least to stop the battle over breakfast). And PS - the jam is awesome!!
This is what he looked like after eating dinner tonight.
The reason I call him Colonel Doctor.

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