Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Snip Snip Snip

I was looking at Big Sis today and noticed that some of her hair was much shorter in the front then in the back. Like 8 inches shorter. She has waist-length hair, as the only time I've ever cut it was last September, and it was about a 1" trim. But apparently the 'practice cutting' she was supposed to be doing only on paper somehow morphed into practice cutting hair. I mentally freaked out, as we've had a few playdates in the last several weeks. I have yet to receive any panicked phone calls of the missing hair variety, so I figure I'm safe there. And Big J is pretty bald, so she couldn't really cut his hair if she wanted to.

After much cajoling and assurances that I wasn't mad, she 'fessed up to giving herself a little trim. She agreed to let me cut it to even it out. Seriously, the front pieces of her hair were up around her chin. So cut I did. She's irritated with me now, as she doesn't like her "short" hair. I cut about 4 inches off, and angled the front, but overall it's still about elbow length. Hardly short. It looks much cuter, and isn't ratty on the ends like before. I'm certainly no stylist, but I think I can hold my own in the home-hair-cutting Olympics. Of course, Big Daddy might not agree. (And BTW, despite the picture above, it IS even on both sides. She had a funky wave on one side that I couldn't even blow dry out).

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Hi, I'm Robyn! said...

It looks great! Good job not freaking out on her. I think I might have.