Saturday, August 30, 2008

Updates: Training and No Spending

Training: I survived the first week of the Couch-to-5K program. It was actually not bad. I'm glad that I've been working out with Baby Bootcamp over the last 2 months, as I think it gave me a good foundation of strength and endurance. I don't think I can run a 5K tomorrow, but I believe that as long as I keep up with the workouts, I'll do just fine in October. This was my week:

Monday - running workout
Tuesday - Baby Bootcamp
Wednesday - day off (meant to run, but day was crazy busy)
Thursday - Baby Bootcamp
Friday - running workout
Saturday -running workout

No Spending: Well, I made it through the week, but I'm a little embarrassed to say that I did spend. On Monday night I went to the store for powdered sugar - $1.65. And on Friday night I ran out of flour - $2.49. I consider it a 'win', as these were unforeseen shortages. I also didn't shop as carefully as I should have, and discovered I was lacking several ingredients needed for meals on my list. I substituted other items & it was no big deal. There was no way around the sugar & the flour. Both were necessary for stuff I made for church activities. I stayed away from the mall & Target & was so busy this week that I didn't really feel the pain of no spending. It was a good exercise & one I will repeat.

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