Thursday, August 21, 2008

Good Stuff

Along the lines of Seriously So Blessed I have found a new blog: What Mormons Like, with a classic assessment:

"If there ever was one, Mormons are a mayonnaise-loving people."

Another of my favorite quotes, in reference to Mormons loving sign language:

"Perhaps sign language is held in such esteem because it allows Mormon children to talk without making noise. Particularly in church, Mormons like quiet children. This is why Mormons make quiet books, lug kids out into the hall, and even bring baby heroin (aka Goldfish Crackers) to church." (The bold is mine, all mine. If we don't have a stash of Goldfish crackers packed in the church bag, Sunday may as well be all over by 11:10).

Check out the blog. Of course it's tongue in cheek, but we all know there is always a grain of truth in the mockery around us.

And PS - I Heart Mayonnaise.


Suzie Bean said...

Wow, Race for the Cure huh?! That is pretty exciting, I hope you make your goal. I would think about joining you but running literaly kills my shins, they hurt so bad after running a mile I have to take asprin for WEEKS after. Old age is kicking in!:)

So true about the Mormon thing! So true!

Anonymous said...

What Mormons Like rocks. It deserves to be linked. Thanks for pointing it out.