Friday, August 1, 2008

I Hate It When I Do This

I'm slowwwwwwwwly decluttering my space. Seriously slowly. Like one magazine at a time. I have a horrible fascination with magazines, and since I discovered we can leverage otherwise useless airline miles to subscribe, the amount of marginally intelligent printed matter in the house has tripled. Worse yet, I tend to packrat these niblets of interestingness for months at a time, telling myself that I Might Have Overlooked Something. I flipped through a couple last night, cutting and clipping the few articles that caught my eye (workouts I may or may not execute at home). There was a quote in Shape that I clipped, wanting to save it and refer to it later. As I have now lost this quote, I am irritated at myself and frustrated that I can't find it online. Really, who loses a clipping within 20 minutes of scissoring it out?? The magazines are now gone, and here's the gist of the quote:

"Things Turn Out Best For Those Who Make the Best of How Things Turn Out"
Mull it over. Good perspective, especially with 3 more long years of medical school ahead. Every day is not easy to get through, but I feel relief at the end of each day. I wonder what Big Daddy feels? He's the one actually doing the work, but it is a group effort. I am just grateful that the kids won't be fully aware of how much of a struggle it's been.

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