Monday, August 25, 2008

Update on no spending

Well, I may have picked the wrong time to begin no-spending week. Upon on reflection, the week before school starts was NOT the time to launch this little experiment in terror. I have just discovered that her ballet slippers are too small (who knew her feet would grow a size-and-a-half in 6 months?!). I'm trying to cajole her into sucking it up for the 30 minutes of class on Wednesday, but the whining and moaning has already begun, so I see myself on the losing end of this battle. Payless is even doing a BOGO this week, so I could pick up 2 pairs and probably squeak by for the rest of the dance year. Anyone willing to take pity on us? She wears about a size 10 right now...




No takers? I understand.

But it doesn't count as cheating if my sweet Big Daddy reads this, takes pity on me and his ballet-shoe-less daughter, and rolls into Payless to buy 2 pairs of size 10 PINK ballet slippers. Before Wednesday. Does it?

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Hi, I'm Robyn! said...

ha ha. It was worth a try though. Maybe next week will work better.