Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Big J in Video

I haven't posted video in a while, but I couldn't resist this chance. This is Big J in all his glory - doing the things he does best right now: drool, stuff his fingers in his mouth, yell, kick the Feet of Fury, chew on his toes. I think he is just the cutest boy ever and want to cover him in cream and gobble him up.

I also discovered he has cut his first tooth - bottom front. The razor sharp edge has poked out and I think more are to follow soon. Unfortunately this means his nursing days are numbered. I planned to start weaning him after I get back from vacation next month, but this may move the timeline up. At least he's now discovering a taste for solids. I don't know if it's the homemade baby food, or if he's just ready, but he's now eating 2 meals a day. I didn't say they're big meals, but it's a start.

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